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About Our:



Mobilize common citizens, communities, investors, businesses, and counties into reducing energy consumption and carbon emission at a faster pace.

Product Values


Build a standard data science model, leveraging open source consumption data, to estimate the carbon emission of all counties and cities in California.



Build an end-to-end product that is easy for common citizens, communities, investors, businesses, counties to access, understand, and act upon reducing carbon emission.


Our Solution Is To Support You to Acheive The Goals:

Greener County

Green County

As the policymakers, our tool gives you a highly accurate CO2 data insights, assist you to make data driven policies and decisions to make California the Greener states.

Green Investments

Green Investment

Our tool provides indicators for issuers, institutional and private investors, businesses to develop green financial assets and products as well as making green investment decision.


Cost Saving

Our tool is highly efficient, help you to save lots of time and operating cost in compare with current operating model for measurement. You can reallocate budget to other critical processes.